Are you becoming overwhelmed by the number of passwords you are expected to remember?

Pinbox is software that uses relational data base management (RDBM) technology to manage your personal identification numbers (PINs), but doesn't require you to know anything about RDBM. The RDBM technology is embedded into the software in such a manner that from the user's perspective it is out of sight and out of mind. However, by using RDBM your data repository conforms to standards that allow it to be processed without PinBox.

A PIN is often called a password. These secrets are protected because the information stored in the data base is all encrypted. Therefore, by remembering the one secret key used to encrypt the database you are freed from having to remember any other passwords. PinBox also facilitates sign on operations with robotic assistance which prevents you from having to type user names and passwords. This makes it much more practical to use strong passwords where appropriate and PinBox will generate very strong passwords for you.

You do not need to install Pinbox on any specific computer. It is a completely self contained system which can be stored on any writable device (e.g., USB flash memory drives are ideal). Therefore, you can carry it around with you and use your Pins/passwords anywhere you can gain access to a computer.